‘The Cloud’ – Growth and revenue, a zero-sum game?

Cloud Is A Fad

Whichever way you wish to slice-it ‘The Cloud’ these days, growth and revenue are predicted at incredible rates. Just reading that initial sentence, I can already hear the cloud-naysayers wanting to ask me, “but what about profitability?”. Fair question; but let’s put that on the sideline now for another spirited discussion at a later date.

‘The Cloud’, which was this mysterious thing of a few short years ago where there was no revenue, no viable business model and dismissed as a loser ‘FAD’ proposition; ‘The Cloud’ is now all-the-rage.  Below, we have compiled a few random articles from various sources and research organizations where in each the revenue and growth of all ‘cloud’ spending far exceeds traditional Information Technology (IT) spending...

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$272 Billion Salesforce Ecosystem Opportunity

“The results show that we’re just at the early stages of a massive economic opportunity driven by the cloud.”

What an amazing conclusion considering the amount of forecasted revenue we are talking about.  The potential in ‘The Cloud’, and with PaaS in particular, is simply mind-blowing.  Below is a report from IDC about the Saleforce ecosystem.


  • By 2018, Salesforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners will create 1 million jobs and generate $272 billion in GDP impact worldwide.
  • The Salesforce ecosystem currently generates 2.8 times the revenues of Salesforce itself and is expected to grow to 3.7 times as large as Salesforce.
  • Customers repor...
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Dreamforce 2014: salesforce 1 platform


Below are some amazing statistics from Salesforce on their salesforce 1 platform.

salesforce 1 platform dreamforce 2014


Here is a link to the entire video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXC-lDNLP-w


…and here is a summary:

App: 4Million

AppExchange: 2,500+

SalesForce 1 AppExchange: 300+

Total Developer: 1,800,000+

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Using PaaS to create an innovative Data Capture solution

As a prelude to this series of solutions on the topic of “Using PaaS to create an innovative Data Capture solution” we wanted to preface these posts and focus on the question of ‘where do I start if I want to build an effective capture solution?’.

Breaking the solution down into easily digestible components

With information capture being such an obvious way to decrease operational costs, increase efficiency, reduce risk and assist with compliance, then it begs the question of why wouldn’t everyone be using capture?  We need to breakdown the components of a capture solution to their lowest common denominator and share with others how to achieve an effective capture solution so that everyone can benefit from a technology that has a proven track record of success...

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PaaS Solutions (Device/Interface/User Experience) – Part 1 of 3

In this three part series of blog posts we would like to walk you through building a highly-effective, yet extremely agile and surprisingly affordable document capture solution.  Not a piece-part of a solution, rather a complete solution from start-to-finish.

First, before any technology is ever considered the prudent thing to do is to clearly understand the use case for capture.  In other words, think of real world scenarios and carefully consider the user experience of capturing information.  The ultimate success, or failure, of the entire system can depend on whether users themselves feel comfortable with the capture experience.  If the experience is not easy, available at all times or effective then regardless of how fancy the back-end technology is, they will surely resist.

Let ...

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PaaS Solutions (Transformation/Processing/Capture) – Part 2 of 3

Implementing capture software technology these days offers many new opportunities that simply were not available just a few short years ago.  Just like other ‘traditional’ on-premise software applications there are now many options to develop advanced technology, yet make the user experience extremely easy and efficient.  In the first of this three part series of blog posts we focused on “(User Experience/Device/Interface)” and how to properly select the most appropriate hardware capture device and also how to narrow user interface architecture based on the ‘User Experience’...

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PaaS Solutions (Business Policy/Workflow/Storage) – Part 3 of 3

The real value of capture is realized when the information extracted from images is used within a business process whether this information is used, for example, to kick-off an approval process for expense reports, or this information is a Social Security Number used to retrieve your medical records.  The ‘index values’, ‘metadata’, or ‘tags’ (whatever) you would like to call these extracted keywords help create the workflow that helps make processes more efficient.  After all, an image itself without recognized characters, numbers or words is useless to a computer for knowledge of what information is contained on the document.  It’s the information on the document that is of most importance, not just the image.

These days there are many great storage options for images and metadata cap...

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Combining Cloud Services

One of the quickest methods to combine cloud services is to use a PaaS or iPaaS provider.  As long as the cloud service provider offers web services connectivity (which most certainly most of them, if not all, do) then you can use a visually designer to combine cloud services. Some notable Paas and iPaas providers are:

  1. SalesForce1 (SalesForce) http://www.salesforce.com/platform/overview/?d=70130000000lan8
  2. Boomi (Dell) http://www.boomi.com/
  3. MuleSoft http://www.mulesoft.com/
  4. RunMyProcess (Fujitsu) https://www.runmyprocess.com/en/

Here is an oversimplified animation on the topic of web services integration:

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SaaS Books

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Oracle Q4’14 Financial Results – Focus on PaaS


Oracle announced their Q4 Fiscal 2014 Financial Results this morning and the results were less than expected.  Oracle attributes these results to the transition to cloud.

Sales Transition

This article (http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-06-20/oracle-sales-profit-miss-estimates-amid-cloud-transition.html?cmpid=yhoo) has a quote from Oracle’s CFO on this transition.

“[Oracle Chief Financial Officer Safra Catz]… attributed lower revenue to the transition to cloud software, products for which the company recognizes revenue over the term of a subscription. With traditional software, Oracle recognizes revenue up front when it makes a sale.”

It is fairly clear that Oracle knows that cloud subscription services is the future and this is not a question of “if cloud will be a viable financ...

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