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‘The Cloud’ – Growth and revenue, a zero-sum game?

Cloud Is A Fad

Whichever way you wish to slice-it ‘The Cloud’ these days, growth and revenue are predicted at incredible rates. Just reading that initial sentence, I can already hear the cloud-naysayers wanting to ask me, “but what about profitability?”. Fair question; but let’s put that on the sideline now for another spirited discussion at a later date.

‘The Cloud’, which was this mysterious thing of a few short years ago where there was no revenue, no viable business model and dismissed as a loser ‘FAD’ proposition; ‘The Cloud’ is now all-the-rage.  Below, we have compiled a few random articles from various sources and research organizations where in each the revenue and growth of all ‘cloud’ spending far exceeds traditional Information Technology (IT) spending...

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