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$272 Billion Salesforce Ecosystem Opportunity

“The results show that we’re just at the early stages of a massive economic opportunity driven by the cloud.”

What an amazing conclusion considering the amount of forecasted revenue we are talking about.  The potential in ‘The Cloud’, and with PaaS in particular, is simply mind-blowing.  Below is a report from IDC about the Saleforce ecosystem.

  • By 2018, Salesforce and its ecosystem of customers and partners will create 1 million jobs and generate $272 billion in GDP impact worldwide.
  • The Salesforce ecosystem currently generates 2.8 times the revenues of Salesforce itself and is expected to grow to 3.7 times as large as Salesforce.
  • Customers repor...
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Oracle Q4’14 Financial Results – Focus on PaaS


Oracle announced their Q4 Fiscal 2014 Financial Results this morning and the results were less than expected.  Oracle attributes these results to the transition to cloud.

Sales Transition

This article ( has a quote from Oracle’s CFO on this transition.

“[Oracle Chief Financial Officer Safra Catz]… attributed lower revenue to the transition to cloud software, products for which the company recognizes revenue over the term of a subscription. With traditional software, Oracle recognizes revenue up front when it makes a sale.”

It is fairly clear that Oracle knows that cloud subscription services is the future and this is not a question of “if cloud will be a viable financ...

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